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APCM Reports

Each year, the Parochial Church Council's hold an Annual Meeting.  At this meeting the Clergy present reports to each Council on the work they have undertaken in the Benefice.

These reports are available for you to download and read below:

Team Vicar Reports (Revd. Sue Webster)

HTC APCM Report 2020.pdf

HTC APCM Report 2021.pdf

St Mary the Virgin - Hampstead Norreys

The APCM for 2021 will be held on 24th June, at 7pm.  It will be a face to face meeting in church (socially distanced with face coverings on).  We will also host this on Zoom (so it becomes a hybrid meeting) and those not yet comfortable with face to face meetings can choose to attend via Zoom.

The Zoom details are below:


Meeting ID: 827 4327 4071
Passcode: APCM

Documents for the Meeting

Annual Report - St Mary the Virgin - Hampstead Norreys - Newbury Deanery - Diocese of Oxford.pdf

HN APCM Agenda 10-06-2021.pdf

Minutes of the APCM 2020 and PCC Meeting - 24112020.pdf


C1-Notice-of-Election-of-Churchwardens (1).pdf

Form E3 - Electoral Roll Number.pdf

Final List of ER 2021 HN.pdf